Tag: Big Valley

  • AI Colorization to The Rescue

    Former colors for my billboard model were a total guess. Then I got the bright idea to use an online AI Colorizer to try and recreate the scene. These colors are the results (along with some other tweaks).

  • New Asset – 1930s Roadside Billboard

    I don’t roll my own unless there just isn’t anything close, but I happened on a photo from 1938 showing this roadside billboard right across the street from the Reedsville station… Sometimes you have to say close is close enough – I made the skin and model, including the advertisement. As you can see, the…

  • male photographer using vintage camera

    Screenshots, 14 Dec 22

    Screenshots taken around the route on December 14, 2022. Belleville to Hooley.

  • Trainspotting – KVRR Tour

    Clip show of the route to date – Belleville Station to Taylor flagstop.

  • 3 Miles in Big Valley

    Cab ride over the first 3 miles, well actually last 3 miles, of my proto-freelanced route of the Kishacoquillas Valley Railroad (KVRR), based on the history of the line as chronicled in “The Ol’ Hook and Eye” by John G. Hartzler. This is the 1st Draft of the scenery and there’s definitely some places the…