The Real K.V.R.R.

Near Union Mills, 1938 – Forrest Kauffman Collection

A charming backwoods railroad that ran in the heart of Pennsylvania. The KVRR was known as “the short line with a long name,” and it’s no wonder that local residents cooked up their own nicknames – the “Lofty Vanderbilt,” the “Hair Line” or “The Ol’ Hook & Eye” – reflecting its character and country mystique. For 47 years (1893-1940) this standard-gauge railroad hauled farmers and their produce between Belleville and Reedsville, a distance of only nine miles (14.5 kilometers). For the last 12 of those years, KV passenger service extended an additional seven miles (11 kilometers) from Reedsville to the Pennsylvania main line at Lewistown Junction via trackage rights on the PRR’s Milroy branch. Much of the railroad’s enchantment comes from the fact that it was financed through local stock subscriptions only, and was controlled its entire life by a Belleville physician, Dr. John P. Getter.

– John G. (Jerry) Hartzler,

In addition to authoring the now defunct from which the above quote was taken, Mr. Hartzler also penned a book about the Kishacoquillas Valley Railroad entitled The ‘Ol Hook & Eye, copies of which are still available at the Kishacoquillas Valley Historical Society website or even occasionally on used book sites or eBay.

You can also check out a digital copy of the book, or browse his former website via the Internet Archive.

The Ol’ Hook & Eye, 2nd Ed.
Screenshot of the former homepage